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SHKD-512 – English sub. Fucked In Front Of Her Husband – Misaki Honda is a beautiful married lady that is carrying with her happy life as usual. Not suspecting she has become the target of a maniac from the neighborhood, a local repairman who gets obsessed badly with Misaki, thus paying her a visit while the husband was away working.
Misaki thoughts it was all a horrible one-time incident and let it slide, in order to be happy with her husband. But as it turns out, she was quite wrong.

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– Pornstars: Misaki Honda
– DVD ID: SHKD-512
– s103-subjav-[SHKD-512] (English sub) Fucked In Front Of Her Husband – (Misaki Honda)

[SHKD-512] Fucked In Front Of Her Husband – Misaki Honda (sub)
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